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To join the Japan Chapter of AsianSIL, click ‘Membership Application’, fill out and submit the form online.

Membership Application
(in Japanese)

Steps for Application

1. Please obtain recommendation from one of our Officers or Committee members. Please click here for the list of Officers and Committees.

2. Please fill out the form and click ‘Send’. You should receive an email, confirming your membership application.

3. In due course, you will receive an email with payment instructions from the secretariat. Please click the link contained in this email and access the page for payment. The annual membership fee is payable only by credit card. Please enter your credit card details and click ‘Pay’.

4. The secretariat will charge your annual membership fee and notify you the completion of the application procedures.

Annual Membership Fee

1. The annual membership fee of the Japan Chapter is 3000 Yen. To be eligible for the Student membership fee (1000Yen), please send us a copy of your student ID or student registration certificate, either as an email attachment or by post.

2. The financial year for the Japan Chapter begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the subsequent year. Applications made during this period will be allocated to the membership fee of the corresponding year.

Please note:

1. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, annual membership fees are non-refundable for any reason.

2. We no longer mediate the application to the AsianSIL as of April 1 2009.

3. To apply for or renew the AsianSIL membership, please click here.