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Call for Papers (The Annual Conference on June 30th 2024)

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Call for Papers
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The Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law
The 15th Annual Conference

Sunday, June 30, 2024
Chuo University, Myogadani Campus, Tokyo

Invoking Global Standards: How International Law Works in Japan and in Other Asian Countries?

A large segment of international law, whether hard or soft, is implemented domestically. Without domestic implementation, international laws, like those for human rights, trade, environment, and any other areas, as well as international legal rules and standards, will become dead letters. This particularly holds true for Japan and other Asian countries, where the strict legal acceptance of international rules may, arguably, pose greater challenges than in other regions of the world. Therefore, it is important to gain a deeper understanding of how international rules and global standards are invoked domestically.
The 2024 Annual Conference will address research findings from diverse fields of international law, spanning historical to current issues, encompassing both, private and public international law, as well as substantive law and the dynamics of law, in the hope of cross-sectoral dialogue and collaboration.
We solicit paper proposals from those interested in the domestic invocation of global standards, including practitioners and young scholars. The conference will be available online; however, for lively discussions in conference rooms, presenters are required to join us in person.
1. Language
The conference will be bilingual, accepting papers in both English and Japanese. Please indicate the language in which you prefer to read your paper (or whether you are comfortable in both languages). If you intend to read a paper in English, you can submit the abstract in either English or Japanese. As the concurrent sessions will be organized separately in the two languages, the likelihood of your abstract being accepted may be affected by your choice of language (although, currently, we are unable to state which language will provide a better prospect).
2. Eligibility
Although membership is not a pre-requisite for applying, it is necessary for attending the conference. Non-member applicants need to pay an annual membership fee (JPY3,000 or approx. USD 20) immediately after notification of successful acceptance.
3. Application procedure
Please forward the following information to the conference organizers (CfPAsianSIL@gmail.com) in a single file, by February 29, 2024: 1) paper title, 2) abstract (less than 500 words in English), 3) your name, 4) your affiliation and position, 5) a short biography, 6) up to three most relevant academic works, and 7) contact details (email address, phone number, and address).
4. Screening
The Research and Planning Committee will review the proposals and inform the applicants by March 31, 2024.
5. Composition of the concurrent sessions
Each presentation will be assigned to one of the concurrent sessions. Once the composition of the concurrent sessions is determined, by the end of April, the conference program will be announced on the website of the Japan Chapter and communicated to the presenters.
6. Conference papers
The conference papers will be shared electronically with participants, in advance, for active discussion during the event. Please submit your unpublished conference paper, of 1,000-5,000 words, by June 15.
7. Fees
Members of the Japan Chapter are exempted from paying the conference fees; however, travel and accommodation expenses need to be covered on their own.
8. Lunch on June 30
Lunch will be organized for all participants. Presenters are required to join for lunch (free of charge for presenters) to meet the other presenters of the concurrent session.
9. Allocation of time for presentations
Each presentation must be completed within 15 minutes.
10. Inquiries
Any inquiries regarding the conference should be emailed to the following address: CfPAsianSIL@gmail.com