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The 14th Annual Conference (July 8th, 2023)

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The Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law
The 14th Annual Conference (flyer)

July 8th (Sat.), 2023 [UTC+9]
Room No.203, Economics Department Building No. 1, Yokohama National University main campus
(Hybrid conference: Zoom webinar distributed)
Supported by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)

Conference Theme:
Towards a multi-dimensional enhancement of a sustainable business environment in Asia

Further economic integration in the Asian region requires a holistic perspective to create a sustainable ecosystem coupled with the corresponding development of schemes for, inter alia, environmental protection and human rights protection in the region. Sustainable development linked with “trade and environment” issues is one of these, as we discussed at the 2022 Annual Conference. Concerns over cross-cutting legal issues that involve the tensions between environmental protection and human rights or between trade liberalization and human rights are growing. Specific issues already raised in this region include social and environmental risks of de-carbonization, the impact of fishery subsidies regulation on the trade and fisheries industry, opening labor markets and their human rights protection impact, transparency of standards/procedures for human rights due diligence, range of legal protection of indigenous peoples’ IPRs, climate change litigations, and ecolabelling systems’ effectiveness. At the 2023 Annual Conference, we convene to share research outcomes from diverse fields of international law to address such cross-cutting legal issues in Asia, facilitate cross-sectoral discussions and collaboration, solve specific issues and develop a long-term sustainable future framework.


MORNING SESSION 10:00 – 12:30 [UTC+9]

Session Theme: Perspectives from East Asia
Opening Remarks:
KUNIYA Shiro (Partner, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners; President, Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law)
FUKUNAGA Yuka (Professor, Waseda University)
1) KIM Wonhee (Senior Researcher, Ocean Law Research Center, Korea Institute of Ocean and Technology)
“Problems and Prospect of Request for an Advisory Opinion on Climate Change and International Law submitted to the ITLOS”
2) SAWADA Satoko (Assistant Director, Economic Dispute Settlement Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan)
“Sustainable Development and International Dispute Settlement: Implications to the Asia-Pacific Region”
3) ZHANG Kangle (Assistant Professor, Peking University Law School)
“Between Environmental Concerns and Financial Incentives: The Law and Politics of ESG”

LUNCH BREAK 12:30 – 14:30 [UTC+9]

General Assembly meeting (members only) 12:30-13:00
Executive Council meeting (council members only) 13:00-14:30


Session Theme: Perspectives from Around the World
KIMURA Hitomi (Associate Professor, Otsuma Women’s University)
1) Henri DOERING (Attorney-at-law, OKLP Law Office, Berlin)
“Legal Rules for the International Waste Trade: The Implementation of the Basel Convention in Japan and the EU”
2) Asad G. KIYANI (Assistant Professor, University of Victoria)
“Sovereignty, Ontology, and Fairness: Legitimizing International Criminal Law”
3) Amrita MUKHERJEE (Lecturer, University of Leeds)
“International Human Rights Law: ‘No One Left Behind’ and the Right to Inclusive Education”
4) Ruby PANCHAL (Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Law School)
“Analyzing India and China Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs): Lessons for Climate Change Toolkit”
5) Jason RUDALL (Assistant Professor, Leiden University)
“The Energy Transition and Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Asia: On Managing Expectations and Avoiding Sagas”
Closing Remarks:
ABE Kohki (Professor, Meiji Gakuin University: Vice-President, Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law)

RECEPTION 18:00 – 19:30 [UTC+9]

On campus



Register online for the Conference. We accept VISA, Master and Diners Cards.
Registration fee: JPY1500. No meal or reception fee is included. Includes coffee break and online access to conference papers.
Registration Deadline: July 6, 2023. Please note that fees are non-refundable after June 30, 2023.
・Any personal information you provide to us including your name, affiliation, and e-mail address will not be used for the purposes other than those related to the Conference.


The working language of the Conference is English. Conference papers are made available in advance to the registered participants.

Conference Papers and Online Participation Links

・We will open a webpage dedicated to the conference in late June, and upload conference papers and Zoom links there. The password required to view the page will be emailed to registered participants. For members, the password is written in the letter sent in May.
No materials will be distributed at the venue. Please download or print the papers in advance.
Lunch and Reception

・Please bring your lunch as there are no restaurants around the venue. We can arrange a lunch box (JPY1000) upon reservation.
・Reception fee: JPY4,000-. The reception will be held from 18:00.

The venue of the conference is Room No.203, Building No. 1 of Department of Economics, Yokohama National University:
79-3 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 240-8501
(Building No2 in N4 area in the map)
Access to the Yokohama National University
By Bus / Taxi (It takes about 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop)
Timetable and the route from the bus stop
By Subway (It takes about 22 minutes on foot from the station)
*Please refer to “Timetable and the route from the bus stop” as for the route from the Main Gate.
By train (It takes about 24 minutes on foot from the station)
Route from the West Gate
To find transportation routes from a specific station, Train Timetables and Route Finders or smart phone app TABIMORI might be useful.

Entry Visa to Japan

If you are a foreign national, please check here whether you are required a visa or not to enter Japan.
Please note that we will not be able to arrange visas for attendees, except for the accepted speakers of the Conference.


Please be advised that participants make arrangements at one’s own cost. We are not able to arrange you a hotel or any special tours, but here are some tips.
There are many hotels in Yokohama, but it will be difficult to find a place to stay within a walking distance to the venue except for room sharing services like Airbnb. Here are two major aeras in Yokohama that are relatively close to the venue.
Yokohama Official Visitors Guide might be useful to plan for your stay.
Yokohama Station Area
If you are looking for a hotel with an easy access to and from the airport, stay near the Yokohama Station. There are bus services to the venue from the west exit of Yokohama Station, or you could take the Yokohama Municipal Subway or the Sotetsu line. Yokohama Station area is a business/commercial area with tall buildings and department stores.
Minato Mirai 21 Area
Minato Mirai 21 offers beautiful views of Tokyo Bay. If you would like to stay in a hotel within walking distance to tourist attractions, Minato Mirai 21 area would be perfect. You could go on a bay cruise, enjoy dinner and drinks at a restaurant by the bay. You will have to go to Yokohama Station and take a bus, a subway or a train to the venue.


Please feel free to contact us at asiansil-jp2023@nifty.com