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The 14th Annual Conference was held on July 8th

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The 14th Annual Conference was held on July 8th. Thank you very much for your participation.


The Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law
The 14th Annual Conference (flyer)

July 8th (Sat.), 2023 [UTC+9]
Room No.203, Economics Department Building No. 1, Yokohama National University main campus
(Hybrid conference: Zoom webinar distributed)
Supported by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)

Conference Theme:
Towards a multi-dimensional enhancement of a sustainable business environment in Asia



MORNING SESSION 10:00 – 12:30 [UTC+9]

Session Theme: Perspectives from East Asia
Opening Remarks:
KUNIYA Shiro (Partner, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners; President, Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law)
FUKUNAGA Yuka (Professor, Waseda University)
1) KIM Wonhee (Senior Researcher, Ocean Law Research Center, Korea Institute of Ocean and Technology)
“Problems and Prospect of Request for an Advisory Opinion on Climate Change and International Law submitted to the ITLOS”
2) SAWADA Satoko (Assistant Director, Economic Dispute Settlement Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan)
“Sustainable Development and International Dispute Settlement: Implications to the Asia-Pacific Region”
3) ZHANG Kangle (Assistant Professor, Peking University Law School)
“Between Environmental Concerns and Financial Incentives: The Law and Politics of ESG”



Session Theme: Perspectives from Around the World
KIMURA Hitomi (Associate Professor, Otsuma Women’s University)
1) Henri DOERING (Attorney-at-law, OKLP Law Office, Berlin)
“Legal Rules for the International Waste Trade: The Implementation of the Basel Convention in Japan and the EU”
2) Asad G. KIYANI (Assistant Professor, University of Victoria)
“Sovereignty, Ontology, and Fairness: Legitimizing International Criminal Law”
3) Amrita MUKHERJEE (Lecturer, University of Leeds)
“International Human Rights Law: ‘No One Left Behind’ and the Right to Inclusive Education”
4) Ruby PANCHAL (Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Law School)
“Analyzing India and China Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs): Lessons for Climate Change Toolkit”
5) Jason RUDALL (Assistant Professor, Leiden University)
“The Energy Transition and Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Asia: On Managing Expectations and Avoiding Sagas”
Closing Remarks:
ABE Kohki (Professor, Meiji Gakuin University: Vice-President, Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law)

Best Paper Award was presented to Dr. Henri DOERING (Attorney-at-law, OKLP Law Office, Berlin).

RECEPTION 18:00 – 19:30 [UTC+9]