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The 12th Annual Conference (July 4th 2021)

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The Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law
The 12th Annual Conference

July 4th, 2021
Online conference (Zoom Webinar)
Supported by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)

Conference Theme: Whither Eastern Asian Liberals?
The Aspirations and Anxieties of International Law in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan

Globally, national populism and antiforeignism are currently on the rise. Furthermore, sovereign states tend to lean toward adopting anti-internationalist foreign policy which unsurprisingly leads to international disputes. In other words, there has been a decline in liberal order and democracy that support international law and vice versa; and the Northeast Asian countries (jurisdictions), Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, are no exception to this. Although the corrosion of liberalism is particularly evident in terms of the security, history, and territorial sovereignty in the aforementioned region; the possibility of this overshadowing the shared values among these three jurisdictions (e.g., the protection of fundamental human rights and democracy) is a serious concern.
The conference seeks to explore how international law can and should work toward protecting and promoting liberal order as well as developing international cooperation.


Morning Session 10:00-12:30

Opening Remarks
KUNIYA Shiro (Managing Partner, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners; President, Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law)
Session Theme: “Regional Experiences for National Human Rights Institutions”
YAMAZAKI Koshi (Professor Emeritus, Kanagawa University)
Speaker 1:
BAEK Buhm-Suk (Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea)
“Do We Need National Human Rights Institutions?: A twenty-year experience in Korea”
Speaker 2:
Fort Fu-Te LIAO (Research Professor, Academia Sinica, Taiwan; President, The Taiwanese Society of International Law)
“Establishing National Human Rights Institutions: International Developments and Taiwanese Adventures”
Speaker 3:
TAKATA Hinako (JSPS Research Fellow)
“The Unique Place of the Paris Principles on NHRIs in International Human Rights Law”
KITAMURA Satoko (Attorney at Law, Hanamizuki Law Office)

12:45-13:15 General Assembly, members only


Afternoon Session 14:30-16:30

Session Theme: “Issues in the region”
ASADA Masahiko (Professor, Doshisha University)
Speaker 1:
KANG Sungjin (Advisor, Kim & Chang, Korea)
“Cybersecurity Challenge of Smart Factories: Applicability of “Law of Armed Conflict””
Speaker 2:
TAKEUCHI Masatoshi (Associate Professor, Toyo Gakuen University)
“Mis-Communication between the Constitutional Lawyers and International Lawyers: In the Case of “Threat of Force””
Speaker 3:
NISHIMOTO Kentaro (Professor, Tohoku University)
“The Future of the 1974 Japan‐South Korea Joint Development Agreement”

Closing Remarks
ABE Kohki (Professor, Meiji Gakuin University; Vice President, Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law)

16:45-18:15 Executive Council Meeting



Registration Guidelines
・Registration fee for non-members: JPY500- for each session.
Registration Deadline is July 2nd, 2021 .*Registration has been closed.
Payment instructions will be sent by the end of June.
・Please note that fees are non-refundable after July 2nd, 2021.
Any personal information you provide to us including your name, affiliation, and e-mail address will not be used for the purposes other than those related to the Conference.


The working language of the Conference is English. Conference papers are made available in advance to the registered participants.


Please feel free to contact us at asiansil-jp2021@nifty.com