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Special Lecture by Mr. TSURUOKA Koji (on 2nd March 2021)

≪Uploaded on 8 February 2021≫
It is a great honour for the Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law to host a special lecture by Mr. TSURUOKA Koji. The former Ambassador of Japan to the UK has held a number of important positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such as Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Assistant Deputy Minister for Foreign Policy, and Director-General of the International Legal Affairs Bureau. He was Chief Negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and Agent of the Japanese Government for the ICJ case of Whaling in the Antarctic.
For international lawyers, diplomats, and academics, this would be a valuable opportunity to hear directly from a key person who embodies “The Rule of Law in the International Community” Policy of Japan in recent years. The Japan Chapter welcomes all participants from inside and outside the Chapter.


Special Lecture by Mr. TSURUOKA Koji
Date: 2 March 2021, 1800 to 1930
Presentation Title: “On Rule of Law”

Speaker: Mr. TSURUOKA Koji (Former Ambassador of Japan to the United Kingdom)
Chair: Ms. OTANI Mikiko (Attorney, Member of the CRC)

The lecture will be given in English and provided via Zoom Webinar.
*Prior registration is required. Due to the capacity of the webinar, the number of participants is limited to 100 (First-come, first-served policy applies).
Contact: asiansil-jp2021@nifty.com